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Get out of the way …

(Note – The cart in the photo is not the cart I used; the one I used was one from Costco and was not near as sleek.)

Today (Tuesday) I had an appointment at Costco to have my hearing aids adjusted. The appointment was for 1:30 – which turned out to not be the best time.

The parking lot was full – and no one wanted to wait for anyone. We pulled up to the front of the store (because I can’t walk from a distant parking space) – hoping to get a motorized cart. Amazingly, there was one cart – with a Costco employee sitting on it. He readily gave it up and I was on my way to the back of the store.


Well, there must have been a lot of people in those cars in the parking lot – and they were all on a mission – likely for Thanksgiving dinner. (I saw many pumpkin pies headed out the door.) Folks were focused on their shopping – so  much so that they didn’t pay much attention to where they were going, I had three near misses on my way back to the hearing aid counter,

Adjusting my hearing aids took much longer than we had planned. We had other errands to get done. After they were done, I headed for the door. I thought briefly about buying a few items – until I saw the check-out lines. No time for waiting.

The checkout lines were very crowded, There is only one “escape route” at the last checkout where you can leave if you have nothing to check out. Of course, shopper’s carts were packed and parked so there wasn’t room to get through with the motorized car, After about ten minutes, I just started nudging my way through. I finally broke through. Then another line – the line to have your items checked before you leave. Other shoppers were very good at pushing in front of me so this line took a few minutes.

And then I was free. As my husband walked up to help me, another gentleman with a cane was waiting for the motorized cart. I told him that the seat was all warmed up but it wasn’t a very speedy ride !!

And I am more than glad to stay home from shopping for the next few days!!!

Thanks for reading! I hope you will return. 


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