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Snippet story #4 … When your heart drops to (or on) your toe

Do you have a place in your house where everything is collected – like a seldom-used dining room table, a counter, a cupboard, or? Well, when we were growing up, one of my mother’s collect-all places was the large freezer that sat to the side in the kitchen. The freezer was there for years. Our Dad covered the worn top of it with wood-grain contact paper. Often it was piled two feet high with various items. You just never knew what you could find there.

Scan 33 037.JPG
Taken in the early 1970”s.

During the holidays, for birthdays or other events, however, it was mostly cleared off so it could be used as a buffet table.

Scan 32 034.JPG

There was just one little problem with putting things on the freezer – getting things out of the freezer. My Mom never took the time to clear it off. Instead she lifted the lid – with all the items still in place – and put a coffee can under the edge of the lid to keep the freezer open. She would then reach in – up to her shoulders – and take out a package. One of those times it didn’t go well. She took out a frozen beef heart and set it next to the coffee can. However, the heart did not stay there, It fell to the floor – but her toe was in the way.  She broke her toe with her (beef) heart. I am sure it hurt a lot but, being less-than-sympathetic kids, we laughed and laughed and laughed. She was not very happy with us.

Often at family gatherings, we still talk (and laugh) about how Mom broke her toe with her heart. Not many people can make that claim.

Thanks for reading! I hope you return. 

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