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A holiday tradition … the ‘nut’ box

During my first holiday season as a married woman, I was introduced to the ‘nut box’ tradition in my husband’s family. My father-in-law bought lots of mixed nuts and peanuts. My mother-in-law would wrap a large cardboard box in Christmas wrapping paper. Once the nuts were in the box, it was placed in the living room for non-stop snacking throughout the holiday season. My father-in-law would put the \box on the  footstool and sit in the chair, cracking nuts and throwing them in a tin wastebasket sitting near by. Often you could hear the sound of walnuts shells (his favorite) hitting the sides of the wastebasket. My  husband always wanted the filberts and I like Brazil nuts.

For many years since, we’ve had some version of a ‘nut’ box. Here’s this year’s nut box:



Do you have a similar holiday tradition? If so, I hope you enjoy it; if not, perhaps it’s time to create a holiday tradition.

Thanks for reading! I hope you return! 




2 replies to “A holiday tradition … the ‘nut’ box

  1. Yes, we always had nuts (but in a wooden bowl with a spot for the nut cracker) at Christmas and, like your family, we all had our favorites. I’m with your father-in-law — walnuts are the best.

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