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Christmas popcorn …

You may be wondering what is so special about popcorn at Christmas? After all, it’s just popcorn.

Well, In our family, it was special. The large rectangular blue enamel roaster always sat on the chest freezer, among the other goodies – home made fudge, divinity and other treats – for our Christmas Eve ‘feast.’ The roaster was full to the top with freshly popped popcorn. It was popped earlier in the day; we smelled that wonderful aroma all day – until the early evening when it was time to eat.  (See blog post here to learn about the freezer and its’ role in our family history.)

When we were children, the popcorn was likely popped using lard with a generous amount of melted butter added. The popcorn came from our garden. Once picked, it hung in gunny sacks from the rafters in our covered porch. We then had to shell the popcorn – which was a lot of work – and store it in cans. All that work was forgotten, however, as we snacked on the popcorn,

We also had popcorn in the popcorn balls that we got from the local theater. Every year during the holiday season, they would show a free movie and provide a bag of goodies. That bag included a popcorn ball. Even better, though, the popcorn ball was wrapped in colored, clear cellophane wrap. We ‘recycled’ the wrap by putting it over the lens on my magnajector – providing colored lighting effects for our Christmas play that we gave for our parents. (We often did performances for them, throughout the year. I’m sure some of them weren’t the best, but they watched them in any case.)

Scan 33 026.JPG
One of our Christmas productions. (From a slide that was damaged, thus the poor quality.)
A magnajector




I’m not sure, but all of this may have led to my love of popcorn. Or, it’s just that I am following tradition …

Thanks for reading! I hope you return! 

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