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The best of … Meet Ron

My Facebook feed has many posts from photographers. The most recent trend is to post your favorite five pictures from 2018. I haven’t been able to get out much this year so most of my photos are from my iphone – and probably not quite ‘photo-worthy.’

Instead, however, I offer just one photo. It is a photo of my brother-in-law Ron, who lives with my husband and I. Ron goes to the area day activity center. Everyday he gets on the transit bus and goes to work in the sheltered workshop, where he also gets life skills training.

The photo of Ron is from a night out to a local bar/restaurant where we also listened to our granddaugher perform. As you can see, it made Ron very happy to hear his neice perform – and that one Rum & Coke also helped. I am highlighting this photo because I love his genuine happy smile. It makes me smile.

Ron loves his neices and nephews. It makes his day to get a hug from one of them. In fact, it makes his day to get a hug from anyone. He wants everyone to be his friend. Ron doesn’t even think to criticize people for how they look.

And that is Ron. It would be nice if others could be like Ron.

Happy 2019 New Year!!

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