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More than an errand …

Yesterday morning we decided to run an errand to Isanti (about twenty-five minutes from our house). The plan was to go to the bank in Isanti, go to Menard’s in Cambridge, and then perhaps have some lunch. I don’t think we had gone 10 miles before the plan changed. We decided to go to the bank and then to one of our favorite home-cooking style restaurants – The Creamery Cafe in Isanti – for breakfast. We quickly talked ourselves out of going to Menards, once we realized that we didn’t have necessary measurements to make a purchase.

After a tasty breakfast, we decided to take the ‘back roads’ to Princeton (and complete another errand).

A yummy breakfast at The Creamery Cafe in Isanti, MN

What a great decision that was! The snow-capped scenery was amazing – along with the clear blue sky. We are familiar with the area so we took a few extra turns – and were not disappointed. All of a sudden, a herd of wild turkeys decided to cross the road in front of us. I was so busy looking at an abandoned house, I almost missed the turkeys. They were on the move. All I had was my iphone but the photos are still good. (I must learn to take a camera because, chances are, we will change our plans again.)

Wild turkeys running every which way …

Next we saw eagles on the ice of Tennyson Lake. They were too far distant for a phone photo but I did manage to get some of the swans at the end of the lake (that were a bit closer) and some scenery shots.

Tennyson Lake is about six miles east of Princeton. It is also called Lund Lake. The lake serves as the beginning of Spencer Brook. The township where it is located is named after Spencer Brook. Many of my kin lived in Spencer Brook Township. It is very possible that one or more of them saw these same views in the past.

So, it only goes to show, that sometimes running an errand can be special.

Thanks for reading! I hope you return.

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