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That one person …

During your life, have you met a person who immediately becomes your friend – one where you have an instant bond – but – for whatever reasons – the friendship is short-lived? Yet, that person is unforgettable. This blog is about such a person. Her name is Evie (Evelyn) Bohlken (1911-1992). She was my brother-in-law’s mother. She was friendly, Swedish, a great cook, baker, and coffee-maker, did crafts, and – most importantly, a fun conversationalist. We laughed a lot.

Evie Bohlken

I met Evie when we were first married. At that time, we lived in Hastings and Evie lived ‘down the street’ on the Bohlken family farmstead. Her husband, George, had died many years before. Although the home remains, the land around it was developed into a subdivision by the Bohlken family.

A painting of the Bohlken farmstead and Evie’s home.

During the day while my husband was working, I would walk down the road to visit Evie. She would make egg coffee – and always had treats. My favorite treat was her homemade rosettes. Her kitchen felt warm and friendly. The detail that is most vivid to me was the red swag lamp over the kitchen table. There we would sit and drink coffee while discussing all sorts of topics. At one time, Evie was a cook at the school and she would talk about the food she made. My husband was quite fond of her food at the school and still talks about how she would give them ‘samples.’

This Christmas tree decor was made by Evie (with help from her son Don) using old pieces of jewely. It also has clear lights in it that make the jewelry sparkle when it’s lit. Absolutely beautiful when lit.

Evie brightened up many of my days that fall – until only a few months later – when we moved to Mankato to run a gas station (another story that didn’t turn out so well ). After that, I saw her only a time or two at a family event. We never had any more of those good conversations. I still think about Evie quite often. Each time, I can vividly see her smiling face in my mind; I remember the smell of her coffee; and I smile.

Did you have any unforgettable friends like Evie? I hope so. Be sure to cherish your friends for the time you have with them.

Thanks for reading! I hope you return.

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