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Consider this … or not

As we age, we are less and less happy about going out in inclement weather. This winter has made that especially so. Family gatherings are delayed. In fact, we have yet to celebrate Christmas with a son’s family because of the snowy weather (and the distance to his house). It may be a spring Christmas.

This is also complicating birthday gatherings. Many in our family have late fall and winter birthdays. My birthday is one month after Christmas – and no one is quite ready for the gift process again. (Of course, some of us older folks don’t really need or necessarily want a gift; we just want to visit with family members.)

My brother and I were discussing this whole winter birthday situation. His birthday is the day before mine. We came up with the concept of people 60 years old and older celebrating their half-birthday. This is often done for kids. The concept would be that anyone with a birthday from November 15 to April 15 would celebrate on their half birthday.

There are several advantages:

  • You would still be the same age (in years).
  • The weather may be better – especially for those of us with December though March birthdays who live in the polar vortex. This could also result in less falls in inclement weather.
  • You could schedule outdoor events (depending where you live, of course). Seasonal venues would be available. There may be more to do to keep everyone entertained – from young to old.
  • Most people don’t remember birthdays so it wouldn’t matter if you move it; you might want to notify them if you plan an event because many people are not familiar with half-birthdays.
  • The holidays are farther apart from April 16 to Nov 14 – making it a little easier to plan when people can attend – perhaps. (This theory may not prove to be valid.)

However, it appears that we are not the first to think of this. Check the internet and you will find half-gifts, half cakes, etc. So, there won’t likely be a ground swell of people celebrating half birthdays. I guess it hasn’t caught on. Just something to think about when it is -20 degrees on nearly every birthday of your life (or so it seems). Whether you celebrate on your actual birthdate or your half birthday or anywhere in between, it really doesn’t matter. It’s perfectly legal. So just celebrate.

Stay warm and thanks for reading. I hope you return.

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