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Another day trip – scenery, stores, food and more

Today started out overcast and then it sprinkled mid-morning. This was supposed to be the best day of the week – and my friend and I had planned a short day out.

Of course, rain doesn’t stop us from daytripping. My friend arrived about 9:30 am and we were off to Foley (MN). We’d heard that a quilt store there is closing and they are now selling fabric at discounts. We’re always looking for a bargain, so off we went. The store, called Quilts on Broadway, has fabric of many patterns (predominantly for quilting) in attractive displays. They also have threads, batting, and other accessories. We saw many fabrics that we like – but there is a problem. We need to decide what to make from them. We’re still working on that.

Photos by Pammy Theim Luedtke

Next we headed to Milaca. We didn’t find much for stores so we went to Timber Lodge Grille for a delicious lunch.

Our next stop – in Milaca – didn’t pan out. The event isn’t until next week. Oh, well, what to do? We decided to go to Onamia, a few miles away but now the sun is shining. We found a Family Pathways Thrift Store and decided to check it out. What fun! And now I have more stuff – most of which is useful.

On our return home, we stopped at a couple of locations to photograph buildings and the Rum River. I also took a few along the way in the morning.

We saw sandhill cranes a few times. The ones shown here were west of Princeton.
The falling-down buildings were south of Onamia as is the picture of the Rum River.

What a fun day! If you can, take a couple of hours and just go somewhere. It will make your day.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will return!

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