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Demise of the Hedgehog …

Millie with her new Hedgehog toy

Each time we get our black and tan mini-dachshund, Millicent (aka Millie, Mildred, terrorist), a new toy, it is soon destroyed. It doesn’t seem to matter how it is fabricated. Once again this week my husband came home with a new toy – what we think was supposed to be a hedgehog. (We could be wrong.)

The attack in process

I think we know why she is so good at tearing up her toys.

A little bit about Dachshunds and Millie. Dachshund equals Dachs (badger) hund (hound or dog). Dachshunds were/are bred to catch badgers; the mini version was bred to chase rabbits. Millie doesn’t even pay attention to rabbits, however. They would have to run over her head before she would care. Dachshunds are described as lively, stubborn, clever, devoted, playful and courageous. Sometimes Millie is lively; sometimes she just wants to nap. She can definitely be stubborn. For the most part, she meets the description. Dachshunds aren’t generally recommended for children – they are a little standoffish with people they don’t know. Millie, however, is the exception to this rule – once she gets to know you. Sometimes that only takes minutes. Millie is Miss Social – willing to take as many pets – on the head or back or anywhere – as you will give her and fetch the ball or toy as long as you will throw it for her.

The insides (stuffing) of the Hedgehog – one hour after she started. Also note the recently killed ‘Blue Monster.’

So, my theory is that she much prefers to use her breeding to attack stuffed animals instead of real ones. When she is outside, she could care less about rabbits or chipmunks running by her. But buy her a stuffed animal, and she works at ‘killing the monster’ until her work is done – usually within an hour.

The now flat Hedgehog.

Thanks for reading! I hope you return!!

Happy Easter!

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