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Animals and nature … a day trip to Duluth (part 2)

This blog features nature and wildlife photos from our recent day trip to Duluth – taking the ‘back’ roads.

An example of geese parenting skills – Mama is sitting on the nest; Papa is close by, standing guard from the water. Or – it could be the reverse – because I don’t truly know which one is the Mama and which one is the Papa – and they take turns.
If you look very closely in the center of this photo, you will see what appears to be a black ball. It is, in fact, a porcupine – who quickly ambled through the ditch. Of course, there was a car behind us so we couldn’t stop quickly.

These two friends were just hanging out – enjoying the sunshine.

These swans were having a group conference – in the St. Louis River, New Duluth.
The St. Louis River from the scenic overlook – and Jay Cooke State Park. The contrast between the white poplar and birch with the dark green coniferous trees was stunning.

This bridge crosses the St. Louis River in Oliver, Wisconsin (near Superior, Wisconsin).
This is the old bridge crossing of the St. Louis River – into Oliver, Wis (near Superior). It was pretty narrow but fun to cross.
This is a rural cemetery – somewhere along the back roads into Duluth. It could be in Pine County or it could be in Wisconsin. I should have made a note. If you look closely in the center of the photo, the branches appear to be in the form of a cross. (You may have to use a little imagination.)

The next and last blog from this day trip will relate to Lake Superior ore boats.

Thanks for reading! I hope you return!!

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