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Fun in Janesville (mn) …

During our recent grave decorating tour, we drove around Janesville, MN, home town (or at least the closet town) to Grammy Becker’s home in Freedom Township (south of Janesville). We found a few fun sights near the railroad tracks:

This is quite the automoble …
This looks like a Rumley to me … one of my favorite tractors.
I am not sure how you know if you are coming or going with this vehicle.
Here we have some fine vintage tractors.
Loving this guy – especially his ears …
This taller than life bird of another feathers …
The sheriff stands VERY tall in Janesville …
And, of course, the vintage steam engine. This picture was taken a few years ago – before the items above were added.

That’s my quick mini-photo tour of Janesville. We used to visit a victorian-style home with a doll looking out from the window in the peak of the roof – but she is now gone. We always go to Wiste’s Market. They only have a meat market now, after a fire destroyed the store – but we still stopped so I could get my annual taste of their beef sticks.

Thanks for reading. I hope you return.

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