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Barns, barns, barns … another phile

As you know from one of my recent posts, I am a foamer – a rail fan who “foams at the mouth” when seeing a train. I don’t foam at the mouth – but I do get excited. A better term would be trainophile – a person who loves trains. From the number of photos on my computer, however, I think I can clearly be classified as a barnophile. (I think it’s healthy to have many loves.) I have so many barn photos that I don’t remember where I took them.

This post includes barns that are located in the Cushing, Wisconsin area. The photos were taken in mid-July. The area was quite lush and green – which hid many of the old structures in the tall grass and vegetation. I can’t wait to return during the fall to see the barns among the changing leaves.

Several of the barns have seen better years. They stand proudly but the ravages of time are very apparent. Weathered sheds also dot the landscape.

Some of the barns are no longer used for animals but stand stately.

Some of the barns, weathered from use, still provide shelter for animals.

There are many barns in the rural Cushing area and beyond, just waiting to be photographed. I will return.

Criticism is an alluring substitute for creation, because tearing 
things down, unlike building them up, really is as easy as falling off a stump. It’s blissfully simple to strike a savvy, sophisticated pose by attacking someone else’s creations, but the old adage is right: Any fool can burn down a barn. Building one is something else again. – Martha Beck

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