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Millie’s Tales … a dog’s job

This is a post by Millicent Braun, aka Millie – or Mildred, or Millimeter – or Terrorist. Millie will tell you about her everyday life. Millie is a pure bred black and tan mini-dachshund who has many crazy traits.

Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28, 2019.

It’s Millie here. It’s been quite a week. It started with a lot of people coming to the ‘shop’ on Thanksgiving. (The shop is really an office area.) My human mother was in my chair – again – but there was something wrong. She wasn’t petting me. I barked and barked, trying to protect her. A lot of the people who came were dressed in uniforms. They put her on a bed and took her out the door. My human father left, too. I was alone.

Time to get back in my chair – the one I let my human mother share with me. I really don’t like when she is in the chair, playing with those sticks and string; the string tickles me and the sticks poke me. This is a good chance for a nap, all by myself.

But wait! I smell something in my chair. Yay – it’s another one of those small, good-tasting treats. I love them! They taste so good. Good thing my human mother is not here. She doesn’t like it when I chew them. She uses them for her mouth.

And what’s this? It’s hard and has little round pieces of something inside. I can’t bite it. I’ll get down on the floor and try chewing it. Oh, no. It is under the chair and I can’t get it. Oh, well, the other treat was so good. Back to my chair.

After what seemed like a very long time, my human father came back. My human mother is not with him. It’s dark outside so I’ll just lay down in my chair and wait for her. She always sits with me when it gets light outside.

It’s light outside now but my human mother is not here. My human father is trying to get me to eat but I am not hungry. He does such silly things but I am waiting for my human mother.

It is dark again. I am still waiting and I am not hungry.

It is light again. My human mother is not here with me – in my chair. I would let her use her sticks and string. But she is not here.

It is dark again. I am in my chair. Waiting.

It is light again. She is not here. My human father is not here, either. It’s just me.

Wait! I hear something. Someone is here. It’s my human mother. I will bark to let her know that I missed her. Yay! he is going to sit in my chair. I better get up there with her. Now I am getting lots of pets. I think I will just sit here with her to make sure she is okay.

It is dark again. My human mother is still in my chair with me. I think I might be hungry.


This has been an interesting week. On Thanksgiving night, my body decided to ‘act up.’ After a series of minor heart attacks, I have another heart stent.

While I was gone, Millie ate my favorite chapstick – but did not eat my nitro pills. Both fell out of my pocket when I got out of the chair to get on the gurney.

As always, Thanks for reading this. I hope you return.

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