A Sunday morning tour …

Today is a glorious bright, sunny day with a light breeze and warm – but not too warm – temperatures — one of those perfect days that you long for when snow banks are several feet deep in your yard. Thanks to our ‘gator,’ we took a tour of the yard this morning, checking out the beauty found everywhere.

Starting on the deck, here’s the view:


Before we can go, the chipmunks need some attention. The mini-munks are so soft …

Chipmunk petting collage.jpg

We also found this beautiful creature  …

moth collage.jpg

And saw lots of color …


Along with new baby trees … Tree collage.jpg

And a few vegetables …

Vegetable collage.jpg

Ending the tour with the latest improvement project … a new fountain. The sound of the water is magical …

Fountain collage.jpg

Stay tuned for another tour in a few weeks.

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Chipmunk tales … 2016 version


This year’s family of chipmunks includes five chipmunks  (munks) –

Chippie, the chipmunk that allows petting while she is busily filling her mouth with peanuts, then scampering to her hole, only to return again just minutes later. Chippie rules over the other munks, often chasing them away from the peanuts or the sunflower seeds lying on the deck so she can get her fill first. We think Chippie is a girl and responsible for the increase in this year’s munk family.


Short-tail is a little nervous. Short-tail does not allow petting but ventures quite close to get those peanuts – if Chippie isn’t already there.

2008-01-08 10.27.29a.jpg

And then we have the three mini-munks. They are very skittish – choosing to make stealth acquisitions of the peanuts or sunflower seeds lying on the deck. The mini’s are quite tiny – at least for now.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

One of the adventurous mini-munks decided to explore one of the bird feeders. The problem was, however, that the min-munk did not anticipate the distance to the ground. The munk looked around, surveying his options …

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg

Just as my husband reached to help the munk, it leaped to the ground and was gone in a flash. I bet the munk went back to the other mini-munks and told the story about the great leap he made to get away from the giant.

And the latest update: It seems the chipmunk family is larger than we thought — the latest count is five mini-munks. Hopefully the chicken hawk that landed in our yard  – as we sat on the nearby deck — will not return.

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