Keeping the connections …

Continuing in my mission to de-clutter and organize, I came across a box of cards. I’m sure I haven’t look at them in many, many years. The cards were for my ‘going-away’ party when I left my job in Minnetonka for my new job in Anoka. That was twenty-plus years ago …


My heart was warmed looking at the cards, as I thought about many of the lovely people that I considered my friends. But it also made me a little sad as I read things like: “Please keep in touch!” Over the years, I have lost track of most of these folks. I kept fairly regular contact with two of them but I have now lost touch with them. I would love to get in touch with these folks, but many of them are now gone from the city, perhaps gone from the earth.


My ‘going-away’ party, twenty plus years ago. 

All of this just continues to remind me that it is important to maintain those connections, to keep the relationships alive. It’s also important to make new connections. This week I’m starting a new needlecraft group – designed to get people of similar interests together and create/recreate those connections. I hope you will continue connecting and making new connections. It’s what life is all about.

Thanks for reading!

Making Connections … the new way

This post is about sharing the positive experiences that I’ve had with Facebook and how those experiences make life a bit better. In most cases, I really didn’t anticipate the results.

Connecting with relatives

As you may know, I am keenly interested in genealogy. I’ve traced a lot of my family history – but, I’m always looking to learn more about my relatives – to fill in the blanks. One of my Facebook  contacts shared a photo from a photographer in Scotland – a laggan-lodge-mull-lochbuie-21photographer who shares an ancestral name on my mother’s side of the family. Knowing we have a Scottish connection, I decided to send the photographer a friend request. I wasn’t sure he would accept but I thought it was worth a try. To my delight, he accepted – and we have more than the name in common. His ancestors came from Lochbuie, the Isle of Mull — and so did mine! I’m not exactly sure how we are related – we have yet to figure that out. But for now, we are Facebook cousins.

Connecting with old friends

Next year brings another class reunion and I am on the committee. We are busily looking for our classmates, In the process, however, I am finding not only classmates, but other friends who were in other grades. Regardless of our life experiences, we Disney-Cartoons-Pooh-Eeyore-and-Friends-Coloring-Pictureshave a common bond that is easily re-established.

Connecting with new friends 

Recently, I posted a question on a site where people post remembrances about the City of Mankato (Minnesota), To my surprise, and delight, many people posted in response. I connected to children of long-ago friends and made several new connections – simply based on conversation on the same topic (in this case, two old race tracks).

Connecting with friends in a special way 

Thirty-five years ago, we lost two daughters – ages 6 and 7. Every year we decorate their graves and the graves of many other relatives. This year I posted photos of many of the graves we decorated and/or visited. For our girls, I tagged our children, just to let them know we had been there. To my surprise, many of the girls’ friends, our friends and others posted remembrances of them. While one never truly gets over such a loss, it certainly made us to feel better to know that others care. Facebook brought that comfort to us.