A cousins weekend …

This past weekend I went to a cousins gathering – at my sister-in-law’s cabin on Lake Lipsett (also called Lake Lipsie) near Siren, Wisconsin. Technically, some of us are really cousins-in-law or cousins through marriage. However, we made no distinctions.

There were seven cousins, all women, who attended. Many had not seen the others in many, many years.However, it took about five minutes to get reacquainted and then it was as if we had just seen each other. And so the talking and the laughter began …

We enjoyed pontoon rides on the lake  …

2016-07-29 17.14.49.jpg

We saw eagles and loons (a favorite thing for me) …

2016-07-30 12.13.47.jpg


We poured over family photos …

Cousins' Weekend 022.JPG

We had bonfires …

Cousins' Weekend 044.JPG

We drank wine … (with just a little trouble opening the bottles) …

Cousins' Weekend 016.JPG


2016-07-29 17.20.09.jpg

We played cornhole …  (look at that arm follow-through) …

corn hole collage.jpg

We talked and laughed …

Cousins' Weekend 046.JPG

And we enjoyed the beauty all around us.

Cousins' Weekend 070.JPG

Cousins' Weekend 094.JPG

The picture below  truly represents the glorious evening sunlight and our glorious weekend.

Cousins' Weekend 069.JPG

I highly recommend a cousins weekend. We did not talk politics. We did not solve any world problems. We did not listen to the news (we were too busy talking). But we did create precious memories that will linger …

Precious mem’ries, how they linger
How they ever flood my soul
In the stillness of the midnight
Precious, sacred scenes unfold.

Until next time – Thanks for reading!


Let the decorating be done …

Yesterday we gathered for our family Christmas. We were only missing a few so it was a great day for our siblings and the cousins to catch up.

I finished my decorating just in time.

First, the dining room table – a quick switch of the tablecloth, a new runner and a new (on sale, of course) centerpiece .


Many of the plants got a light festive touch –



And a winter bouquet for the end table …


One of the many doll cases got a bit of greenery … 055.JPG

Along with decorative (and fragrant) potpourri …


The mantel become home to a holiday train …


And the kitchen table had a snow theme … (complete with snowman) …


And, in the living room, the Charlie Brown Christmas tree …


Complete with old-fashioned bubble lights … 049.JPG

And the final touch – our singing dog … who sang “Home for the Holidays” many, many times yesterday … I think he is about to loose his voice (or his batteries).


Until next time … Thanks for reading.