Summer is hanging on . . .

Our yard is full of yellow maple leaves  . . .


And today a breeze is making it rain even more yellow leaves,

but there is still summer color everywhere …

The flowers are still blooming …

flowers2.jpgflower collage.jpg

The tomatoes are quickly ripening and the recent rainy weather brought forth many mushrooms …

tomatoes and mushrooms.jog.jpg

There is color everywhere …

pump collage.jpg

So, while you can, take a walk, ride a bike, sit on the deck … get outside and enjoy it while you can. That’s what Milli is doing …


Thanks for reading! I hope you return!!




A quick side trip … Munsinger Clemens Gardens

Heading pic Munsteinger gardens.jpgTwo weeks ago, we went on a day trip, traveling to about twenty cities west and north of our house. Our first (surprise) stop that day was Munsinger Clemens Garden, located on the east side of St. Cloud, Minnesota, across from the campus of the University of Minnesota – St. Cloud (one of my alma maters). (For more information on the gardens, click HERE.)

Although early in the season, the gardens were still beautiful. We arrived mid-morning. The air was humid – with a promise of very warm afternoon temperatures. Although still a little unsteady from my recent medical adventures, where there are flowers, I must go. I managed to slowly wander around a very small portion of the Clemons Garden, which was established in the 1990’s and covers about seven acres.  This is what I found … Munsteinger Gardens collage 1.jpg

. . .  spectacular color everywhere I looked …

Munsteinger Gardens collage 2.jpg

. . .  the serene setting of the fountain …

Munsteinger Gardens collge 3.jpg

. . .  more and more color everywhere.

Munsteinger Gardens collage 4.jpg

If you ever have a chance to visit the gardens, please do. It is well worth the effort. You can spend many joyful hours there – sitting and relaxing, taking photos, or just wandering around.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will come again.





The end of summer …

Well, Labor Day is here and the unofficial end of summer has arrived. It seems that summer had just started … and it’s now over. Wanting to savor as much summer as I could, I took a walk around the yard, looking for signs of fall and remnants of summer.

Gratefully, there is still a lot of summer color …

flower collage.jpg

If you look closely, you also find examples of color and design in the many mushrooms in the yard (before the lawn mower arrived). I have no idea what kind of mushrooms they are … but I love the detail in these tiny plants. If we stopped mowing our lawn, I think it would become a landscape of violets, johnny jump-ups, wild strawberries and mushrooms.

Mushroon 1

Mushroom 2

Mushroom 3

Mushroom 4

Mushroom 5

I also found signs of fall …

signs of fall

And this is how the weekend will end … one more bonfire to cap a weekend of nightly bonfires.


Welcome to Fall and Thanks for Reading !!

Color from the yard …

Today I bring you bits of color from our yard. Soon the summer will be over – but, you can always come back to this blog to get a bit of joy.


The hibiscus have really blossomed with the recent very warm weather. 


The rain is helping produce mushrooms … 


The lilies will soon be done blooming … 


Such vibrant color … 


This is the only blossom on my rose bush. I wish you could smell it … heavenly. 








A Sunday morning tour …

Today is a glorious bright, sunny day with a light breeze and warm – but not too warm – temperatures — one of those perfect days that you long for when snow banks are several feet deep in your yard. Thanks to our ‘gator,’ we took a tour of the yard this morning, checking out the beauty found everywhere.

Starting on the deck, here’s the view:


Before we can go, the chipmunks need some attention. The mini-munks are so soft …

Chipmunk petting collage.jpg

We also found this beautiful creature  …

moth collage.jpg

And saw lots of color …


Along with new baby trees … Tree collage.jpg

And a few vegetables …

Vegetable collage.jpg

Ending the tour with the latest improvement project … a new fountain. The sound of the water is magical …

Fountain collage.jpg

Stay tuned for another tour in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading!