Treasures from 2015 garage sales …

While I may go to a few more garage sales yet this year, the season has basically ended. The weather will be getting a bit too cold for sales. Here’s a season wrap-up highlighting some of my better 2015 bargains.

One of my hobbies is collecting dolls. My collection is mostly Victorian-type dolls, with long elaborate dresses over layers of undergarments, trimmed with frills, feathers, flowers, and ribbons. This summer I found three collectible dolls that caught my eye – an Ashton-Drake boy marine boy doll, a Danbury Mint Prince William doll and a Danbury Mint Princess Kate doll – all in great shape and for sale at very reasonable prices. They’re not victorian but are still worthy of a place in my collection.


Once my ‘she cave’ is set up, I have big plans to do some sewing. I haven’t had a sewing area for many years but I have collected a LOT of supplies. This summer I found a few items that will help me sort and store these items.


And this little item (which really is little) will help me finish off my designs  … it’s a baby serger — perfect for finishing smaller items, like doll clothes, etc.

baby serger.

The summer garage sale season would not be a success without finding some treasures for the guy of the household.First, I found a replica of a bell from the Titanic, one of my husband’s favorite topics. He’s been studying the Titanic for years. And, secondly, I found a jigsaw to add to his developing wood shop. Both were bargains!

Garage sales 010saw1

And, finally, my last treasure –  vintage ruby red Cristal D’Arques Durand glassware (made in France). After a little research, I find there are a lot more pieces so I will be on the hunt for more of this glassware to add to my collection.


Until next time, thanks for reading

Wrap up of the garage sale season – displaying your items

This blog is about displaying your garage sale items to maximize sales.

Have you ever gone to a garage or yard sale and find the items for sale spread out on blankets on the ground? That happens a lot … and while it is good for young folks, it’s not the best for viewing or looking through the items. For some of us who don’t bend like we used to, it also makes it hard to pick things up.

Often we find sales where everything is piled on tables … not sorted and sometimes a foot or more deep. This discourages looking through the items. Instead, neatly sort and fold the items. As in the photos, labeling sizes makes it much easier to look – and to buy!

002Garage sales 001

Also try your hand at creatively displaying items, much like a typical retail store. It’s a good way to catch the eyes of your shoppers. 001

There are a number of ways to keep your guests at your sale – which encourages them to look more thoroughly:

  • When it’s hot, offer cold water – or have a kool-aid, lemonade stand.
  • When it’s cold, offer coffee.
  • When it’s hot, use open-sided tents to cover the tables and/or have fans circulating air.
  • Offer snacks for sale … sometimes that’s enough to keep people shopping rather than leaving to go to lunch.
  • Have a ‘free’ box  – especially if you have small children’s items. It gives the kids something to do while the adults are shopping.

And finally, have some fun at your sale! We went to a sale that provided live entertainment. As we listened, we keep looking, and sure enough, found some treasures.


In the next blog, I’ll show you some of my 2015 treasures.

Thanks for reading!! 

The garage sale season – 2015 … tips on signs


A great sign! It is colorful and easy to read. The only improvement would be to also include the address. This is my favorite sign of the summer – and they had a great garage sale!

This is a first in a series of three blog posts on the 2015 garage sale season. This post is about signs, the second is about displays, and the third is about my favorite treasures of the season.

The first and perhaps the most important part of putting on a garage sale is getting people to your sale. Good signage can make or break your sale. Here’s a few tips:

  1. Make sure all of your signs are the same color. Often there are several signs at an intersection; it is much easier to follow the path if all of  your signs are the same color.
  2. Make sure you place signs often along your route. If they are too far apart, people will give up.
  3. Make your signs colorful. Given a choice, we follow the more colorful, more interesting signs. This also helps in following the path to your sale. Do not use brown paper bags for signs because they are difficult to read.
  4. Make sure your lettering is large enough to read at a distance. Don’t just use a marker with thin lines. A little rain will immediately destroy the writing, making your sign illegible.
  5. Make sure your sign is firmly in the ground so it doesn’t fall over.
  6. Post the sign at least a foot off of the ground. Often there is vegetation that obscures a sign located right on the ground.
  7. Make sure you take the signs down when the sale is over. It’s very frustrating to follow signs, only to find that there is no sale.
  8. Don’t advertise your sale until you are sure you will be ready for the sale. Again, it is very frustrating to go to the address of an advertised sign only to find out there is no sale. We remember those addresses and are not likely to return for a second time.

The next blog will discuss tips for displaying items at your sale.

Til then – Thanks for reading! 


If you want your garage sale to fail, this sign will help you. It is hard to read, items are scribbled out, and it’s probably been used before. It is also mounted on the ground – so vegetation covers part of the sign. It’s a good idea to post the sign at least a foot or more off of the ground for better visibility.


This sign is very visible, is off the ground, and clearly marks the location of a garage sale. Just one caution, however. It was located at the end of a slight curve … and a few people came to a screeching halt thinking a deer was crossing – only to realize the deer was wearing signs.

Garage sales 004

This works well to mark the location of a garage sale.

July 3 2015 011

Another favorite sign – the volkswagon sign which was used to direct people to the sale and at the location of the sale. Banners also help catch attention.

July 3 2015 006

And, of course, at the end of the volkswagon signs you find a volkswagon – marking the entrance to the sale.

Garage sales 002

Here banners are used to draw attention to the location and the sign.