Let the decorating be done …

Yesterday we gathered for our family Christmas. We were only missing a few so it was a great day for our siblings and the cousins to catch up.

I finished my decorating just in time.

First, the dining room table – a quick switch of the tablecloth, a new runner and a new (on sale, of course) centerpiece .


Many of the plants got a light festive touch –



And a winter bouquet for the end table …


One of the many doll cases got a bit of greenery … 055.JPG

Along with decorative (and fragrant) potpourri …


The mantel become home to a holiday train …


And the kitchen table had a snow theme … (complete with snowman) …


And, in the living room, the Charlie Brown Christmas tree …


Complete with old-fashioned bubble lights … 049.JPG

And the final touch – our singing dog … who sang “Home for the Holidays” many, many times yesterday … I think he is about to loose his voice (or his batteries).


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My natural holiday colors …

Today I finally starting my holiday decorating. I couldn’t help but notice some of my plants, especially the violets. They may not be your typical holiday colors but …

This is the violet I re-potted earlier in the year.


This is what it looked like when I potted it. For some reason, the colors are now more pink.


For more information on the potting process, click HERE.

I  also noticed the violet in my kitchen, yet to be re-potted. It bloomed earlier in the year for quite a while then, after a few weeks, it bloomed again and has been blooming like this for at least two months. I hate to disturb it by re-potting it.  So, for now it will stay as it is.


And here is just a hint of the holiday decorations … more to come in the next week or so.


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