Yes, another Mother’s Day …

I am particularly glad that it is Mother’s Day today. About three weeks ago, I collapsed while at the hospital after receiving an infusion treatment for my lung disease. I simply could not breathe. The doctors/nurses removed fourteen pounds of fluid from my heart and lungs. It was like drowning from the inside out. Six days later, I was released, and while not back to ‘normal,’ I am very grateful to be here.

I learned something very interesting during this hospitalization. I normally have my fingernails done with acrylic nails. What I didn’t realize is that the acrylic blocks the readings for the oxygen monitors. It is very likely that my oxygen levels have been quite low for a long time – but I wasn’t getting accurate readings. So – the acrylic nails are gone. I originally did them – not just because the look nice – but because my ‘real’ nails are so brittle. Getting accurate oxygen readings is more important – so no more acrylic nails for a while. (I know some of you will miss – or not – my photos of my nails. )



Once I was moved from intensive care, I shared a room with another patient. She was in her late fifties, early sixties. She has been through brain cancer, lung cancer and is on dialysis. But I am pretty sure that isn’t enough to stop her. She was in full control and spunky as can be. Before she left for surgery to replace a port (likely for her chemotherapy), she called her daughter to wish her a Happy Birthday and apologized for not being able to visit her that day. She also kept the nurses on their toes! I would bet she is a wonderful Mom and a reminder for me that things could certainly be worse.

And when I came home from the hospital, I had this little girl who is there to comfort me whenever I sit on the loveseat …


Happy Mother’s Day from Silly Milly B(raun)

Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who considers themself to be a Mom in any way.

Thanks for reading!

More than Mother’s Day …

mother's day.jpg

Today is Mother’s Day – a time to celebrate Mothers.

Mothers encourage, promote and support you,

They keep an eye on you and pay attention to you,

They mind the ‘store’ when you need someone to fill in,

They pay attention to you, nurture and protect you,

They nurse you, pamper you, and minister to you,

They foster, feed, humor and cherish you,

They watch out for you, watch over you and love you.

This mother may be your biological mother, your adopted mother, or someone

Who does all of these things.

Whoever it is, take some time tomorrow to acknowledge your ‘Mother.’

It doesn’t take much –  even a thank you or a kind word.

Because that’s how mothers are. They are there for you.

Happy Mother’s Day!