DIY # 1 … first project of 2017

Project #1 for the new year is now complete – and you will see it carries forward a familiar theme … adapting a new set of rolling drawers to suit our needs.

One of the most useful, inexpensive storage items we have found is a 6-drawer roll cart, made of pine. They are sold at many stores and come in a box, ready to assemble. If assembled as intended, the cart looks like this:


If you click HERE, you will see past projects we’ve done using this cart.

This time, we decided to make a cabinet for the area where I keep my Keurig coffee pot and supplies. Before this project, the area looked like this – unorganized and messy.


As you can see, there were boxes of keurig products everywhere. The TV table also didn’t provide much for stability.

So, my husband bought some lumber to make a shell for the new cabinet. He used drawers from two of the 6-drawer carts. (He has small drawers left over; they will be used in another project.)  This is the result  …


The area is much neater  …



and the coffee/tea/hot chocolate is all tucked away in the cabinet …


Now, on to the next project.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will return.





The time has come …

All summer we have been watching the box elder tree along the driveway, waiting for it to go down in a storm. It is a volunteer tree that was allowed to grow according to its own whims. As a result, it has two trunks … one large one that is cracked and leaning perilously toward the ground and another – split into two smaller trunks.


Not wanting to risk the tree falling on a vehicle – which, with our luck, would belong to someone else –  we called a tree service. The service suggested we remove the larger trunk and trim up the remaining tree. I have to admit – I hate cutting trees down.

A crew of six men arrived just before 2 pm; they were finished and had left by 2:30 p.m.  It was like watching a precision team – each person had their own job. They got right to work and didn’t waste any time.

The first branches go down … and my heart sunk a little.


The branches were quickly removed and ground up.



More branches gone …and more sunlight coming through.



And down goes the big trunk …


This is how the tree looks now … Hopefully what is left of the tree will fill out next summer.


As a bonus, however, we have lots of wood for next year’s bonfires.


And some of the bigger pieces might go to a sawmill to be sliced … maybe for table tops? I’m sure we can find something to make from them. The pattern in the wood is absolutely beautiful.



I think this stump will make a perfect home for another carved critter.


Thanks for reading!