A quick side trip … Munsinger Clemens Gardens

Heading pic Munsteinger gardens.jpgTwo weeks ago, we went on a day trip, traveling to about twenty cities west and north of our house. Our first (surprise) stop that day was Munsinger Clemens Garden, located on the east side of St. Cloud, Minnesota, across from the campus of the University of Minnesota – St. Cloud (one of my alma maters). (For more information on the gardens, click HERE.)

Although early in the season, the gardens were still beautiful. We arrived mid-morning. The air was humid – with a promise of very warm afternoon temperatures. Although still a little unsteady from my recent medical adventures, where there are flowers, I must go. I managed to slowly wander around a very small portion of the Clemons Garden, which was established in the 1990’s and covers about seven acres.  This is what I found … Munsteinger Gardens collage 1.jpg

. . .  spectacular color everywhere I looked …

Munsteinger Gardens collage 2.jpg

. . .  the serene setting of the fountain …

Munsteinger Gardens collge 3.jpg

. . .  more and more color everywhere.

Munsteinger Gardens collage 4.jpg

If you ever have a chance to visit the gardens, please do. It is well worth the effort. You can spend many joyful hours there – sitting and relaxing, taking photos, or just wandering around.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will come again.





A new shopping adventure … Grand Depot

Just for the fun of it, on Saturday my brother and I decided to visit a store he had discovered while cruising the internet. He was looking for a particular paper towel/plastic wrap holder and this store promised everything for the kitchen and more. It’s a short drive from St. Cloud on Hwy 23 – but, as you will see, well worth the few minutes it took to get there.

The store is actually a depot that was historically located in Eden Valley, Minnesota. (For more about the history, click HERE).


When the weather is a little warmer, I think the outside area would be a lovely place to sit and relax.


The store (two floors) is full of a wide variety of kitchen wares, decor, gourmet food products, cards, clothing, jewelry, specialty ales and lagers, and more …






And even this great toy …


Did we find what we were looking for? Nope. But we had a lot of fun looking. If you are ever in search of a gift, this is the place to go.

Thanks for reading!